Richest People of the World – August 2013 Update

Hope of being rich starts from poverty, which gradually becomes an ultimate desire of that person. Facts say that out of every 100 people, 19 are poor and living under the poverty line. While talking about being rich, out of 100, only 1 person is rich in world and remaining 99 are distributed on scale as just independent, working, broken, dead or dependent on family or charity.

Here we will talk about the Top 10 Richest Men in the world. Starting with the guy having assets of 47 billion Pounds:

Carlos Slim:

Earner from Telecom Industry,73 years old Carlos Slim Helu is Mexican by origin. He is the CEO and chairman of Telmex,  Movil, Samsung and Grupo Carso. His monthly salary is 1.5 million Pounds. He is the richest person on the world having net assets of 47 billion pounds.

Bill Gates:

One of the world renowned personalities in the world, Bill Gates is the second most earners in the line of richest people in world. His total assets worth 43.5 billion Pounds. His estimated monthly salary is 420 million pounds sterling. 57 years old Gates is the chairperson of Microsoft, which is highly popular in the world of technology.

Warren Buffett:

The most successful investor of 20th century and 3rd richest man on world, Warren Buffett is an investor, entrepreneur, business person and a leading financier. He is 82 years old man having net assets of 32.5 billion pounds. He is mainly known for his extreme straight forward views.

Bernard Arnault:

64 years old French man, Bernard Arnault is CEO of LVMH and chairperson of Christian Diar S.A. His Total worth is 26 billion pounds and his monthly salary is 31.5 million pounds. He is on top 4 positions in world richest people.

Larry Ellison:

Oracle Corporation’s CEO and co-founder, Larry Ellison is on 5th position in list. He is 68 years old. His net worth is 25.5 billion pounds. His monthly salary is not known. He belongs from Unites States.

Lakshmi Mittal:

6th richest person of world but 1st richest guy from Asia, Lakshmi Mittal belongs from India. His net assets are 25.5 billion pounds. His major dealings are in steel. His monthly salary is around 1 million pound approximately. His other multinational companies help him earning a lot in very short time.

Amancio Ortega:

77 years old Spanish, owner of brand named “Zara” and other garment accessories, Amancio Ortega is 7th richest guy on earth. His total assets are 20 billion pounds. His monthly salary is almost 0.8 million pounds.

Eike Batista:

8th most rich person on earth in our list is Eike Batista. He is EBX group’s CEO. He is dual national of Brazil and Germany. His major dealings are in supply of energy that is oil and gas. His net assets are 19.5 billion pounds sterling.

Mukesh Ambani:

Indian guy, having a net asset of 17.5 billion pounds, Mukesh Ambani is on 9th richest person in world. He is the CEO of Reliance Industries Limited.

Christy Walton:

17 billion pounds net assets owner, Christy Walton has huge chain of stores which help him earning millions of pounds. He is the tenth richest person in world.

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